From time to time, there come to Freemasonry those for whom their first experience as a candidate remains bright and alive long after they have received their Masonic Degrees. A longing to understand persists within and urges them to consider more deeply the peculiar system of allegory and symbolism that is Freemasonry. As they pursue this quest they find that the Craft becomes more rewarding and enriching. It is with those Brethren in mind that Oracle Lodge was founded.

All members of Oracle Lodge 1003 are committed to pursuing the deeper understanding of the principles of Freemasonry and to giving particular care and attention to the working of Masonic Ritual.

The Worshipful Master's opening statment at each meeting:

"Brethren, the purpose of our attendance this evening is an engagement in Masonic Labour. I would ask you to approach it with deliberation, commitment and the utmost respect."