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Freemasonry in Ireland: Understanding our Masonic Heritage


Many countries have a rich and long Masonic history, none more so than Ireland. In this paper, Brother Hearns provides an insight into just how long and distinguished a Masonic history Irish Freemasonry has.


Bro Paul Hearns

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Prerequisites for Membership to Freemasonry


Based on the 'Way of the Craftsman' by Kirk MacNulty, this short paper discusses four basic prequisites for initiation of all candidates for initiation into Freemasonry and provides a short rationale for each.


Bro Paul Kenny

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The Temple Legend


The Temple Legend, as presented by Rudolf Steiner in Berlin on 4th November 1904. Of particular interest is the role of the Queen of Sheba.


Bro Paul Kenny

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The History of Warrant 1003


An overview of the history of Warrant 1003 and a look into a turbulent past in Irish Freemasonry.


Bro Paul Hearns

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Pythagoras, the Tetraktys and the Masonic Compasses and Square


Possible parallels between the symbolic significance of the Masonic Square and Compasses and the Pythagorean Tetraktys.


Bro Paul Kenny

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Anno Lucis


A short discussion on the significance of the Masonic "Year of Light" - Anno Lucis.


Bro John Phelan

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On the Origin of Certain Symbols


On the relationship between Venus and Mercury and the pentagram and hexagram.


Bro Paul Hearns

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19th Century French Freemasonry


A brief overview of the history of French Freemasonry in the 18th century up to the forming of the French Grand Orient.


Bro Pierre Jolivet

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On the Origin of Certain Symbols


The curious motions of Venus and Mercury and their relationship to the pentagram and hexagram.


Bro Paul Hearns

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20th Century French Freemasonry


An overview of the history of French Freemasonry in the 19th century up to the present day.


Bro Pierre Jolivet

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French Freemasonry in Indochina: 1868-1975


A brief overview of the history of French Freemasonry in Indochina.


Bro Pierre Jolivet

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A Masonic Nation


The birth of the State of Texas and its Masonic and Irish connections.


Bro David Levins

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The Journey of a Freemason


Three Degrees of Irish Craft Masonry as one evolving journey and as symbolised by the Three Great Lights and the Working Tools.


WBro Paul Kenny

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19-20th Century Freemasonry in the Near & Middle East


A short essay on the little known history of Freemasonry in the Near and Middle East during the 19th and 20th centuries.


Bro Pierre Jolivet

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Making Darkness Visible Part 1


A look at the teachings of Walter Leslie Wilmshurst.


Bro Tony Ennis

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Freemasonry & Buddhism


A consideration of Buddhism and Freemasonry.


WBro Pierre Jolivet

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